Chainmail Coif with Rings Tightly Closed

Chainmail coif, also called mail coif, chainmail coif armor or medieval coif, is composed of hood for head, hood for neck and hood for shoulders with each part naturally linked with other parts. Chainmail coif can provide your head when in battle or fighting, thus it plays an extremely important role as part of chainmail armor. The ways of linking chainmail coif is the same as making chainmail shirt or chainmail gloves: butted, riveted and welding. And the butted chainmail coif is properly used in performance, such as Halloween costume performance and renaissance reenactment. While the riveted chainmail coif is widely applied in battle and fighting. The mail coif we produced is not only good in quality and optional in sizes but also comfortable in feel and light in weight. Our chainmail coif three-dimensional making, can properly suits for your heads. So putting down your anxiety, you will get an awesome and functional chainmail coif.

A head model is wearing a piece of silver white coif made of metal rings.
CMC-01: Stainless steel chainmail coif.
A head model is wearing a piece of galvanized chainmail coif made of metal rings.
CMC-02: Galvanized chainmail coif.
A man is wearing a silver white chainmail coif back towards us.
CMC-03: Galvanized chainmail coif.
A head model is wearing a silver white chainmail coif with adjustable mask.
CMC-04: Chainmail coif with adjustable mask.


  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, bright aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, etc.
  • Linking methods: riveting, butting and welding.
  • Chain link pattern: European 4 in 1 interlocking.
  • Surface treatment: zinc coating, black coating, copper plating.
  • Additional information: wire diameter and ring diameter can be customized.
A piece of stainless steel chainmail sheet with pen top on it.
CMC-04: Stainless steel chainmail sheet for making the chainmail coif.
A piece of carbon steel chainmail sheet with part of pen on it.
CMC-05: Carbon steel chainmail sheet for making the chainmail coif.
Two pieces of chainmail sheet for making chainmail coif with a metal coil in the middle: brass chainmail sheet and stainless steel chainmail sheet.
CMC-06: Brass chainmail sheet and stainless steel chainmail sheet for making chainmail coif.


  • Excellent craftsmanship coif. Every wire is selective before wrapping and each ring is tightly connected with other four rings to avoid falling off.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear. The chainmail coif made of aluminum is light in weight and shiny in surface. At the same time, due to the three-dimensional making, the mail coif can perfectly fit your head.
  • Impressive and awesome coif. Brass, copper or blackened chain mail coif brings the feel of medieval renaissance. Thus it is extremely suitable for renaissance reenactment or costume performance.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance. The surface of mail coif can be zinc plated or blackened which can supply a layer of protection.
  • Sturdy and durability. The chainmail coif made of stainless steel is very sturdy and can be used for a long time.
  • Functional. Chainmail coif can be used not only in protection but also in performance.
  • Perfect suit. If you wear chainmail coif with our chainmail shirt, chainmail gloves and chainmail chausses, the visual effect will be perfect and impressive.
A piece of silver white chainmail sheet is made of round metal rings.
CMC-07: Chainmail coif made of metal rings features tight and sturdy structure.
A piece stainless steel chainmail sheet is made of round metal rings with butted ends.
CMC-08: Stainless steel chainmail coif features rust resistance and smooth surface.
Two fingers are pinching a silver white metal ring of chainmail.
CMC-09: Chainmail coif made of big rings.
Two fingers are pinching some yellow rings of chainmail.
CMC-10: Chainmail coif made of small rings.

Chainmail coif with light weight and comfortable feel is used not only in wars or battles for protection but also in festivals or performance for costume display or historical reenactment.

  • Protection function. Chainmail coif can prevent the head, neck and shoulders from hurt of swords, spears, knives, impact weapons, and projectiles, while still can provide full and equal coverage.
  • Performance function. Chainmail coif is also great for live action role playing, renaissance reenactment, costume performance, knight costume, Halloween costume, cosplay, fancy dress, theatrical props, etc.
  • Other function. Chainmail coif also can be used as gifts for others, DIY hobbyist mail, full combat sports, superman or alienated man creation, or any other creative ideas.

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