For Further Understanding of Chainmail Armor

This video shows three kinds of material for making chainmail armor: copper plating chainmail, copper chainmail, stainless steel chainmail.

This video shows stainless steel chainmail with different diameters.

This video shows chainmail rings linking pattern and methods. The linking pattern is European 4 in 1 Interlocking and the linking methods are butting and welding. Butted chainmail rings can be opened by hands. While welded chainmail ring can not be opened by hands, even if you use all your power.

This video shows the flexibility of chainmail armor. General it can display two conditions: contracting condition and stretching condition.

This video shows the decorative effect of chainmail armor. The chainmail rings can be used not only in making the chainmail armor for body protection but also for ornaments or costume performance.

This video shows the test of chainmail armor cut resistance.

This video shows the cleaning of chainmail rings. You can use soap, detergent or laundry detergent in mild water for cleaning the chainmail. And then use the soft cloth dry it.

This video shows rust resistance of chainmail rings. Through 30 days soaking in water and exposing in air, the chainmail armor is still smooth and shiny without rust spots.