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Chainmail Armor - Functional and Ornament

Chainmail Armor

Chainmail armor, in butted link style and riveted link style, can be used for protective function and costume performance.

Chainmail Coif

Chainmail coif, made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass or copper can be used for head protection or costume performance.

Chainmail Collar

Chainmail collar, also called bishop's mantle, with adjustable leather straps and brass buckles can be adjusted to fit for your neck size.

Chainmail Shirt

Chainmail shirt, paired with other chainmail armor, features impressive and comfortable, authentic and strong, which can offer great protection.

Chainmail Gloves

Chainmail gloves, also called butcher gloves or oyster gloves, with flexible wrist strap and adjustable snap-fastener design, is suit for most customers.

Chainmail Chausses

Chainmail chausses, made of interlinked metal rings with butted ends or riveted ends, are an effective means of protection in combat and war of countries.

Chainmail Baking Cover

Stainless steel chainmail cooking cover makes baking easier and resulting in a delicious taste. It is convenient and eco-friendly alternative to tin foil.